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In addition to the uncensored photo gallery of naked, horny Marines, and the HOT full action STREAMING VIDEO CLIPS, your membership to gives you access to our online newsletter, "Marine Quarterly" or "MQ". And it's just what you'd expect from the World's Authority on Marine cock!! 

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Each issue of MQ gives you the advice you need on finding your own Marines. We show you where there is Marine action nationwide. Rest areas and hitchhikers, Marine bars and other jarhead hangouts are all there, as we spotlight a different Marine base in each issue. We even give you helpful tips on what to say when you meet that special Marine! 

Here are just some of the US MARINES appearing NUDE in the MEMBERS SECTION of Active Duty

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Lance Corporal Travis is a 22 year old from downstate Illinois who shoots more cum than any Marine we have ever caught on film! This jarhead's uncut MarineMeat becomes a virtual fountain when he squirts (by actual count) ten (10) times and gives himself a hot sperm facial. By the way, LCpl Travis also looks great just masturbating his hard cock and foreskin sticking out of his dress blues. This is a Marine you won't forget!
This is the first time we've shot with twenty year old Lance Corporal Cody. This Alaskan looks mighty handsome here in his dress Deltas, cute face, and squared away Marine attitude. So when he shoots his hot, creamy load of Marine cum, it's a special treat to see him lick it and eat it. Don't miss this LCpl hungry for his Marine cum!
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Copyright 2005 © Active Duty Marine Meat
Twenty-five year old, Sergeant Brett was always known as "Beast" when he was playing a very rough game of football back in Georgia. This hairy young Marine stud told us about group sex with other Marines and why he likes to fuck asshole. "Beast" strips naked to show us his big cock with a fat head and makes it shoot hot, creamy Marine cum.
A Mississippi native, Corporal Jack is only 20. With his girlfriend so far away, this good looking young athlete has no problem pulling out his hot MarineMeat for us and shooting a big, creamy, Marine load. This Corporal must love uniforms since he is planning a career as a policeman.
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