Rev-Share Help

Our aim here has been to make the join process as simple as possible, as well as keeping our site and system "fool-proof".

We have a very high level of reliability, but are prepared to accept that there may be problems or questions that we can help you with. We are always here to help, and encourage communication with our partners.

Before you mail

The most common problem is caused by people linking incorrectly. Make sure you know your Marine Meat Rev-Share ID.

Link Format

Your link is "", with your Marine Meat Rev-Share Program ID at the end. This means that if your Marine Meat Rev-Share Program ID is "517481", your link will be as follows:

The full code to use this link with a particular banner, for example "mmbanner20.gif", is as follows. (Make sure you include the "path" to the image file on your server):

<a href="">
<img src="" border="0"></a>

Make sure the image file path is pointing to the correct folder on your server.

Contact Us

To help make our partnership as simple for you as possible we have several email addresses you can contact for assistance.

All questions will be dealt with immediately, generally within 24 hours.